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Question: 131-5201
My neighbors have an Oleander that they bought from the same nursery at the same time. Their plant has bloomed and ours has yet to bloom. They did leave it in the pot. Could that be the difference? Pat, Pine Bluff, AR

Mort's Answer:
No doubt. When a plant is restricted, it will throw out more flowers. It is not a good idea to leave a plant in a pot in the ground unless you intend to bring it indoors in the fall. Continual retardation will eventually kill the tree. Your neighbors are probably bringing the Oleander inside for the winter. You can supplant the nutrients in the ground with a handful of bone meal. Do not use any liquid fertilizer on your Nerium oleander. If you do not want to take it indoors in the fall, you will have to cover the plant for the winter. Oleander is not hardy in zone 7 north.

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