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Question: 129-5201
We have seen some Oak branches that are dropping throughout our area. There seems to be a conical edge to the end of the branch. Do you know what it might be? Henry, Cumberland, RI

Mort's Answer:
We sent out some more feelers to arborists. One arborist has suggested that it is Summer limb drop. Apparently, the excess moisture and high humidity has built up pressure in the fibrovascular tubes, which has literally sent an explosion of the terminal shoots. This is more widespread than we had imagined. We got reports of this in Warwick as well. We do not think that it is a problem. Many cherry trees have shut down and have gone into dormancy for the summer. Many plants have protective mechanisms that will help them survive unusual environmental changes. We have also concluded that it is not the local utilities that we previously speculated might have cut them down.

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