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New Vegetables

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Question: 254-5201
What are some other new vegetables for 2002?

Mort's Answer:
Quantum onion, Sweet Diane watermelon, Cluster Grande tomato, Italiano Largo squash, Oriental Giant spinach, Helda pole bean, Sugar Nut melon, Dynasty cabbage and Solar Set tomato are available from this year forward. From the Netherlands, we have Dutch Treat brussel sprouts. A new Caropak baby carrot, Pagoda Gold squash, Lavender Touch eggplant, Polish Liguisa tomatoes, Baby Bop bush beans Dual peas and Melody sweet corn are a few of the new introductions. Baby Bop beans set high on the bush will be ready from seed in just 51 days with big yields of 4 inch beans. Dual has 14 peas up to the pod with an average of 12. Maturity is 66 days. Melody sweet corn has a three inch diameter of 18 to 20 rows in a 8 inch cob. It matures on a 74 inch plant in 80 days. Caropak can be harvested in 74 days or let grow to a eight inch carrot. Pagoda Gold squash are best harvest at 5 inches or smaller. Early pickings begin in 43 days. Lavender Touch is a white with lavender blush eggplant with a high yield of mild fruit. Polish Linguisa is a very sweet tomato that weighs a half pound average. It will grow to 10 ounces. It matures in 73 days. If you want a 16 inch squash, try Italiano Largo. It could be mistaken for zucchini but an entirely different flavor. It is ready in 59 days. Solar Set tomato takes the heat stress easily and produces half pounders in 95 degree days. Oriental Giant spinach matures in 35 days . You can take bay leaves in two weeks. Helda pole beans are 9 inches from 58 days onward. The Canary melon, Sugar Nut, has huge growth with a smallish two pound melon. Dynasty cabbage comes in all three colors in the package of seed. Blue, Silver and Red Dynasty cabbages are tolerant to all diseases and hold well without splitting. Sweet Diane watermelons mature in 85 days and roduce a 15 pound fruit. Cluster Grande tomato is disease resistant matures in 63 days but will continue to give 5 ounce firm uniform red tomatoes with an excellent taste. Lastly, Quantum onions matures early in 93 days with a high percent of new three inch bulbs.

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