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Question: 228-5201
What are some of 2000 new plants?

Mort's Answer:
There is an abundance of new offerings in the seed catalogs. The All- America Selections include a petunia, "Prism Sunshine" . It's pale yellow is highlighted with a deep yellow center. Another All- America Selection is a lemon -scented basil,"Sweet Dani". "Bright Lights" is a multicolored stem Swiss Chard that has won All-America status for 1998. A real promising Impatiens is the "Victorian Rose". This double flowering blood red could be the most popular of the All-America Selections for 1998. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has given Gold Medal Awards to 5 landscape specimens. An arborvitae called Green Giant is a vigorous grower with a graceful texture It will grow to 75' and spread 12'-20'. Mahonia beali is a deer resistant striking evergreen. It will grow to 5". Ruby Spice Clethora has pink flowers in July and will grow to 8'. The Bottlebrush buckeye, Aeculus parviflora is also deer resistant and grows to 12' and 15' wide. A much touted vine, Schizophragma hydrangeoides, "Moonlight" is truly a clinging vine to 40' without supports. It's noninvasive and has a white flower in June and July

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