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Question: 332-5201
What are some of the new flowers that have been introduced for 2002?

Mort's Answer:
New petunias include Avalanche, which blooms in white or Lavender, is excellent for containers; Double Madness Satin Pink is a floribunda three inch bloomer; Explorer Rose Pink starts early and finishes late flowering, series includes white, coral and lavender; Frillytunia Rose has large ruffled flowers; is compact and early to bloom; Ramblin Peach Glow crawls two to three feet. It likes full sun and does well as a hanger. New salvias include Marble Arch Mix with pink, white and deep blue blooms from July to early September; Sahara is a compact salvia with vivid red color; A new ranunculus is the Bloomimgdale Series with bicolor shades of rose pink,blue and orange in large three inch full double flowers. Two new scabiosa are Nana and Salmon Pink. Nana is a dwarf blue that blooms until frost; Salmon Pink is excellent for cutting with flat quilled flowers; Two new snapdragons are Crown Red and Solstice Mix. Solstice Mix has burgundy, orange triclor, pink purple and yellow flowers; Crown Snaps are semi-dwarf with good secondary branching and is also in yellow. Vintage Antique Mix is a Stock that blooms early; prefers cool temps and blooms in peach, yellow and copper. This stock grows to 20 inches A new dwarf Sunflower F1 is Double Dandy. It grow to a maximum of 3 feet with 4 to 5 inch velvety wine red blooms. Two new vinca include First Kiss Ruby and Garden Leader Cascade Beauty. Garden Leader Cascade Beauty thrives in heat grows 6 inches high and spreads 18. It bloomss in salmon,rose eye and purple; First Kiss comes in seven colors and a mix including a wine red. April in Paris is the new Sweet Pea for 2002. A soft primrose cream ith a lilac edge that deepens with age is matched with an intense scent. It is long stemmed and prolific. Two new Violas are Cottage Mix and Sorbet Series. Cottage Mix is an ultra mini with abundant flowers. Sorbet Series are FI hybrids with excellent vigor. Black Duet Viola has black upper petals with deep purple sides and bottom. Babyface White has a deep purple-blue center.

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Question: 333-5201
What are some of the new flowers for 2001?

Mort's Answer:
All American bedding plant, Margarita Rosita Portulaca, has 1.5 inch semi-double rose flowers. It is heat and drought tolerant and grows to 14 inches. Two new petunias include Kahuna White and Summer Sunrise. Kahuna White spreads to 3.5 feet and can reach a height of 2 feet. Summer Sunrise has a hint of pink in a bright yellow large flower. Forever Blue Eustoma has large 2.5 inch single blue flowers with a dense growth pattern. This All American is a heavy bloomer. Three new ornamental peppers include Explosive Ember, Explosive Ignite and Explosive Blast. Ember is a conical purple to dark red. Ignite goes from a narrow ivory to yellow green to bright orange in a low bush growth. Blast is compact with conical yellow-green to red conical fruit on top. Ring of Fire Sunflower is a gold petal edge on a red 5 inch flower. It could take 120 days for the bicolor. Plants grow to 5 feet. This All American sunflower spreads 2 or 3 feet. Profusion White Zinnia has a 2.5 inch flower grows to two feet in the sun and is mildew resistant. This All American is a profuse bloomer. Another All American is Avalon Bright Pink Nicotiana. Pink star blooms adorn heat tolerant one foot Nicotiana. Mount Hampden Mixture phlox is a tightly compact semi-double that is disease resistant and long flowering. North Shore Sweet Pea is a violet-blue with sweet perfume. Gemini Purple and Yellow and Gemini Purple and White Violas make excellent 8 inch baskets of color. Heatwave Vincas include a Lilac/blue, a Cherry and a Raspberry flower. All have white eyes and grow to 15 inches.

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