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My nectarines did so well the second year after planting. The last three years have been awful. The fruit falls to the ground before maturing. What can I do? I used Neem oil last year. Did that help? Karen, Townsend, MA

Mort's Answer:
You should use a dormant oil spray each year in the fall. In addition to this, you need to apply a fungicide and an insecticide. Last year all peaches and nectarines were affected by a spring thaw followed by a frost. You have bores in the stems near the flowers. Cut back all branches about a foot this year and start a complete spray program, if yom want fruit. If you rely on mother nature, you will disappointed. Home Orchard sprays can effective when applied on time. If you can find Bordeaux Mix, this will work as well. Follow directions on all labels. You cannot spray when trees are in flower.

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