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Mountain Laurels

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Question: 926-1713
We have black spots on our Mountain Laurels. Is it a fungus? Brian, Galesferry, CT

Mort's Answer:
It is a fungus. Broad leaf evergreens are susceptible to fungi. Black spot fungus comes from maples. Some rusts are wintering in Juniper or Pine. Apply a fungicide like Benlate or Zaneb. Follow directions on the label. Kalmia latifolia likes a partly shady location with a good peaty mulch. If the plants appear weak, add some bonemeal to the soil.

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Question: 966-2713
My Mountain Laurel do not have a lot of flowers this year. Is it true that they do well every other year? Bob, North Providence,RI

Mort's Answer:
This seems to happen in the woods but this year the wild laurel are exquisite. If they are in partial shade and you dead head them after they finish blooming, your plants should do well. You can add some 5-10-10 fertilizer to the soil, if you have not added fertilizer in the last three years. They do well in a leave mulch as well. Holly fertilizer is good too. Cursing them does not help.

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