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Question: 222-5201
We have a slime mold on top of the wood mulch. The mulch is three inches deep. What can we use to get rid of it? Diane, Groton, CT

Mort's Answer:
Bordeaux Mix powder will help dry out the mulch. You can add some hydrated lime this fall. Turn over the mulch every two weeks in the interim.

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Question: 1340-215
With all the rapid changes in weather, are we in danger of getting too much mold? David, SanFrancisco, CA

Mort's Answer:
It is quite apparent on the east coast in recent years. Algae is growing in the fungi in the woods and blossoming as lichen. Heavily wooded areas that are getting more cloud cover are also vulnerable to this pathology. You can spray with a dormant oil or Neem to protect the trees in the late fall. Dormant oil should be applied at 65 degrees or higher in late fall. Neem can be used at any temp.

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Question: 1368-3216
We have mold in the cement basement. What will get rid of it? Amish, Centerville, IN

Mort's Answer:
Hydrated lime will kill it. You can add some water if it is extreme. Scrubbing the area will do a better job than using any chemical and leaving it.

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