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Question: 1435-2617
I have a mouse eating my tomato leaves. What can I use to get rid of them. I see the hole that they come from. Sandy,Lebonan, CT

Mort's Answer:
You can use D-Con in the holes. If you are squeamish about poison, you can use mouse traps.

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Question: 221-5201
We have a summer cottage that is on cinder blocks. Mice are getting into the house. We tried filling the cracks to no avail. Any suggestions? We also have a plant with leaves like poison ivy. We tried Round Up to no avail. The roots are really strong. What can we do? Rita, Bristol,CT

Mort's Answer:
Until you can completely seal the foundation, you will probably need annual visits from a professional exterminator. Your plant may be a Virginia creeper. It has 5 lobes instead of three but it often mistaken for poison ivy. The best remedy for unwanted vines is to tag them for winter digging. The roots are more manageable , when their sap is drained. You have to dig below the roots to kill the plant. If they are really large, you can rig a winch or tie them to a truck or car and pull them out. Be sure the tie is below the mass of the root.

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