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Medicinal Plants

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Question: 1103-1114
What are some medicinal plants that we can grow in our gardens? Harv, Winston Salem, NC

Mort's Answer:
Aloe vera can be grow indoors and outdoors in zone 7a. This succulent can be useful as first aid for minor cuts, scrapes and digestion. Chamomile tea grows well as well as jasmine for tea. Quince and rose hips are excellent for jams and jellies because off the high rate of vitamin C. A good diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts are good medicine for whatever ails you. Some folks consider tomatoes an herb. Parsley, sage rosemary and thyme and other less renown herbs are easy. Pecan and hazelnuts trees are also easily grown. Some folks take marijuana for medicinal purposes. Many states like my own already permit medicinal use.

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