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Question: 326-5201
We have something eating the Marigolds. What could it be and how do we stop it? Dorothy, Westerly, RI

Mort's Answer:
It could be a rabbit. It is more likely to be a woodchuck. Unless you are willing to build a separate garden and fence off the marigolds, you should trap the woodchuck before it procreates. Hav-A-heart traps will close behind the woodchuck after they enter. A bait of graham cracker and peanut butter or fresh carrots works beat. You will need to release the woodchuck far away from your garden. Some states will not allow you to transport to other property. You might check with the local animal officer. This may leave you unabated.

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Question: 1287-3415
I noticed that some marigolds have reseeded themselves in Vermont, as well as some wild apples. Is garlic a good plant for health? Jim, Salem CT

Mort's Answer:
Garlic can be planted in the fall and is very good for warding off disease. It also drives insects from the garden. I am partial and use it in Asian and Italian food. In junior high school we had a kid that wore a bulb for protection. He never had a cold and nobody would go near him. I also knew a 90 year old man who ate it everyday. No one wanted to get close to him either. Marigolds are easily wind driven seeds that will pop up the following year. I wonder if Johnny Appleseed got too much credit for some of the old varieties of apples. Apple seed may be broadcast by squirrels and birds.

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