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Lime Fertilizer

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Question: 1206-4814
Can I put down lime and fertilizer now that the cold is here? Cliff, Providence, RI

Mort's Answer:
As long as they are not frozen. Some of the soil may be frozen in the shade but this will not harm the grass. Grass grows sideways through the rhizomes during cold weather. Lime should be applied two weeks prior to the fertilizer at a rate of 200 lbs. per 10,000 sq.ft. Limestone can be used in the fall. New England soils are naturally acidic and need at least one application a year. If your lawn is shady then hydrated or capsulated is needed in the spring. Any good fertilizer will help in the fall. Follow directions on the label. If it freezes on the ground, it will melt in the spring.

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Question: 1416-1117
What kind of lime can be applied this spring to my lawn? Gary,Lewisburg, WV

Mort's Answer:
As soon as the weather permits, you can apply 200 lbs per 10,000 sq.ft of hydrated lime. Limestone should only be applied in the fall. It takes a while to break down. Pelletized lime can be applied in the spring or fall. Because pelletized is slow release, it has more benefits and is continually acting as an activator of key elements in the soil. Do not apply fertilizer within 10 days of the hydrated lime application. You may lose some nitrogen as gas in the air.

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Question: 1279-2915
Last year you told me I was using too much manure as evidenced by bottom rot in the fruit. You suggested using lime. This year I have hardly any flowers. Will I be alright? Joe, Preston, CT

Mort's Answer:
Because of the late break of spring weather, we have not had a lot of bees, butterflies and wasps for pollination. Both lime and manure condition the soil. Be patient. If you see yellow pollen in the flowers, you could consider hand pollinating the tomatoes. Take a q-tip and gently insert into the flowers and place the pollen in other flowers. You may still get some wind pollen but this will be a good experience for you.

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