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I have a large 2 foot white lily plant with 6 points that I have found in my woods. I transplant a few every spring to my garden. The flowers only last a day, when they bloom in the garden. What are they? Can I get a longer flower in my garden. Gerry, Florence, AL

Mort's Answer:
They are probably an Amazon or some other naturalized lily. The Amazon looks similar to a Amaryllis and it is native to Columbia. It could possibly have brought here by birds or humans. Eucharis grandiflora or Amazon lily is quite fragrant and is popular in Florida. You can extend the flower by resting the bulbous root each winter. Remove them in the fall and store them in new sawdust or peat in a cool dry place for the winter. Plant them in a cool shaded area and replicate the soil conditions in your garden that are in the woods. I suspect that the soil is organically rich and slightly moist. You can add some bonemeal each fall to the soil to help hold the flower.

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