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Question: 1116-1814
Can I transplant my lilies now? They are about 5-6 inches tall. There is frost about six inches down but thawed above that. Barbara, Gardner, MA

Mort's Answer:
It is no problem biologically. Mechanically, you may need to be careful not to severe too many roots. This is like the winters that we had in the fifties. We have been trained to look for early starts. You will do no harm waiting another week or so.

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Question: 1261-2115
My lilacs are exceedingly beautiful this year. Is this a good year for lilacs? Marge, Griswold, CT

Mort's Answer:
Every year can be a great year for Syringa vulgaris. You have to regularly remove half the new pencil shoots each year. Older branches that are near an inch thick have to be removed as well. A handful of 5-10-10 fertilizer every five years will add some strength to limbs and flowers. Lilacs bloom primarily on two and three year old wood. We need to be interlopers with the loppers in the lilacs growth.

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Question: 1415-1117
I had good luck last year with both my Asiatic and Day lilies. Can I split them and can I fertilize? Mary, Preston, CT

Mort's Answer:
Asiatic lilies tend to have one stem. Day lilies are usually multi-stem and can be split in early spring. A handful of 5-10-10 will suffice. Apply as soon as you can to the soil surface of each plant after splitting.

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