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Question: 192-5201
My lettuce has shot straight up the last two weeks. Can I do something to get it to form a head? Amy, Old Lyme, CT

Mort's Answer:
In your area lettuce should be planted a lot earlier to assure that you can get ahead. Let us be clear about the timetable. You can plant the plants in mid April under a cloche or cold frame. The plants need cold weather to bring leaves to a head. Heat causes lettuce to bolt. When this occurs, the lettuce is bitter and inedible. Stay away from high phosphorus fertilizers.

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Question: 892-713
Is it too early to start lettuce? Charl, Narragansett, RI.

Mort's Answer:
Because it is a cool weather vegetable, it can survive frosts. If we use May first as your last average frost date in zone 7, we can count back the weeks before placing transplanting outdoors. Both bib and head lettuce can go out four weeks before that date, by April first. That means that if you start seeds now to the beginning of March, you will be on time. If you can use cloches and other cover like cold frames, you can start even earlier. If you do start too late then you may have your lettuce bolting because of the heat.

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