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Question: 1422-1617
Are organic fertilizers more effective in feeding lawns? Ann

Mort's Answer:
Organics rarely have phosphorus, which is needed for roots. 5-10-10 can be applied in late fall. Using a separate weed and grub control eliminates the need for four step programs. If the grubs are eliminated there is no need to repeat grubicide each year. You have more flexibility in the timing as well with weed control and fertilization. Many of the synthetic fertilizers are now without phosphorus, which is needed for roots and flowers. Manure is best used in the garden and not on the lawn. I have seen organic manure on the label of one fertilizer. Is the pope Catholic? All organic elements must break down to inorganic before being utilized by plants. Organics will increase the good bacteria but you need potash as well for roots and stems. All fertilizers are required by law to give the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in that order. 23-0-0 has only nitrogen and can be inorganic. Manures are usually 2-1-1 unless composted.

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Question: 1428-1917
I have been told to water my lawn intermittently in small spurts during the day. I cannot find an irrigating toll to accomplish this. Do you know where I can find a tool? Igor, Brooklyn, NY

Mort's Answer:
Lawns need only an inch a week. They are best watered in late evening or at night. You can calibrate the duration by trial and error. Put out a coffee can near the sprinklers. You need to allow for rain water as well. You will then be able to set the timer for a certain span. Sunlight inhibits the growth hormone. All plants do most of their growth at night. Fortunately, this is also the time that your have the most pressure and will be able to save water because of less evaporation.

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