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Japanese maple

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Question: 441-3510
Our small leaf maple has brown edges. There is no sign of a tear in the bark or disease. What could be causing this? It also has some green growth on the bark. Jenny, Baltic, CT

Mort's Answer:
The growth is from algae. This is a sign of too much shade and dampness. The excess rain this year has caused a lot of problems. Using a herbicide on your lawn will affect the maple with the migration of the water. Maples can absorb a great deal of water but not chemical. The algae can be washed with a lime solution. A more permanent solution would be to thin the tree. Algae is not harmfull and appears most often on the north side.

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Question: 534-1811
We have a large 15 foot Japanese Maple with feathery leaves. It turns bronze in the fall. I keep pulling off dead branches every spring. There does not seem to be any damage in the bark. Should I be cutting them out and will take away from the tree? Den, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
What you take away is good for the Acer palmatum diviculatum. These are beautiful, graceful trees that can be expensive. You should cut the dead branches off cleanly as close to the next branch as possible. I would spray tree seal on the cuts to prevent infestation by earwigs. Because you have a shallow water table in your area. Water can accumulate. This is not a bad thing for maples but it can be excessive in many cases. This can flood the fibrovascular tubes in the stems. This is better than leaf drop that is caused by drought.

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