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Japanese Lantern

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Question: 1297-3715
We put a Japanese Lantern in the ground in our garden. Can you give me some advice for our 15 inch plant in the fall? Diane, Gardner, MA

Mort's Answer:
Physalis alkekengi, sometimes called Chinese Lantern, can be brought in as a houseplant in the fall. Do not wait until a frost. Husk tomato starts out as a red flower, then the balloon flower becomes yellow or orange in the fall. As it gets colder it should dry to a tan seed pod. If this happens indoors, you could leave the flowers or pinch therm off. You will need a clay pot that is six to eight inches preferably with a saucer. Use sterile soil to fill the pot when you transplant. Place it in a south facing window for plenty of light. Soak it good at first, but do not overwater through the winter. P. ixocarpa or Mexican ground cherry aka tomatillo is similar but may not survive, even as a houseplant.

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