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Japanese Flowering Cherry

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Question: 25-1516
I have an older Japanese Flowering Cherry. It has had few flowers the last couple of years. There are cracks in the stem near the ground. What can I do? Kathy, Hampton, MA

Mort's Answer:
Two years ago we had an early spring break. You may have had a frost kill the flowers. A more likely scenario is the occurrence of bores or earwigs under the bark. You can cut out near the crack to see if there is any brown wood or sawdust under the bark. The intrusion will have to cleaned out. Make a leaf shape surgical opening that surrounds the entire area of infestation. I use a linoleum knife to make the contiguous encirclement with a point at the top and the bottom. Go as deep and as wide and long as the brown wood requires. Dab the new white wood with an insecticide. This scar will eventually close as the tree grows. Paint the white wood with tree seal or tree wax. You will also need to boost the vitality of the tree by fertilizing with 5-10-10 granular. Dig about eight holes that go down two feet in a circle near leaf drop. Fill those holes with the fertilizer. Calling an arborist to do the surgery is also an option.

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