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Japanese Beetles

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Question: 163-5201
We have a lot of Japanese Beetles that are eating up our cherry tree. What can we do to get rid of them? P.J. Nowalk, OH

Mort's Answer:
Sevin has been effective in killing beetles. It only last 24 hours so you will need repeated applications. Methoxychlor, which is available in rose and fruit tree sprays is also effective. If you use the pheromone traps, you need to watch the population. Often times, they will draw from neighboring gardens. It is advisable to put them on the perimeter of your property. In the fall you can put down Dursban or Diazonin on the lawn. This will catch them laying their eggs. If you do not want to use any insecticides, put in bird baths and bird houses. Picking them off yourself may prove to be a fruitless task.

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