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Japanese Bamboo

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Question: 196-5201
How can I get rid of Japanese Bamboo? I have tried every conceivable herbicide without success. Charles, Watertown, NY

Mort's Answer:
This plant is the most invasive plant that I know. It has taken me 12 years to completely eradicate it from my garden. Polygonum cuspidatum is a domesticated knotweed from Japan. It is also known as Mexican bamboo. P. cuspidatum has to be dug up as it appears. You have to remove all the roots by hand. Loosen the soil around each plant before extricating it slowly and methodically. Be careful not to break any roots including the smallest hairs. The new shoots appear after a rain with little red spear shaped leaves. Knotweed is definitely a persistent weed. Herbicides will only knock it down but will not kill it. Never let them go to seed.

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