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Question: 1135-2514
Can I cut my 5-6 ft. inkberry now? I have three that bare surrounding the propane tank. We need to provide access for the delivery person. Mimi, Preston, CT

Mort's Answer:
Since they grow to 5-6 ft. naturally you could clip the tops now. I would consider removing the middle one. Cutting them regularly at five feet will make them grow wider. Cutting one end on the side could work as well. Ilex glabra has a pea size black berry, which some consider insignificant. This holly prefers mulch to cultivation and not much more.

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Question: 1162-3714
I took your advice last year and fertilized my Inkberry. It is up to six feet and looks great. There are little shoots under the plant. If I make new plants, will I harm the mother plant? Should I grow them indoors? Minnie, Preston, CT

Mort's Answer:
If they are self sown seedlings, it will be easier. If they are off shoots from the root, you will need to get some small fibrous roots to make the transplants. You can cut off larger roots from the mother. You will do no harm either way. I would wait for cooler weather. Because Ilex glabra is evergreen in zone 6, it can be done anytime. You could put them in clay pots and keep them in the basement to go dormant later. If we have an Indian summer, you could transplant directly to a protected area in the garden.

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