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Question: 717-1212
Most of my hyacinths that are in bloom are too stubby to pick for a vase. There are some that are long enough. How can I stretch them? Sharon, Pena, IL

Mort's Answer:
You can wait for more warm weather before picking them. Length is a product of heat. This fall you can transplant the stubbies to a place where they will get more light. This year greenhouses will be using cold storage to retard growth for Easter plants in most areas of the country because of the early onset of spring weather.

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Question: 1121-1914
I have 30 hyacinths in pots in bloom from Easter. Can I plant them in the garden now? They are almost past bloom. Carol, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Plant the bulbs anytime down into the soil about six inches. After they have finished flowering, you can cut them back to three inches from the ground. Unlike most tulips, they can be left for the winters. No need for fertilizer until fall.

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