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Hot Peppers

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Question: 313-1416
I have 60 different types of hot pepper seeds from South America. I am having difficulty getting them to sprout. Any ideas? Sandy, Lebanon, CT

Mort's Answer:
Inoculants have been used for pea culture. This puts a bacteria in the soil. It works quite well for first year plantings. Second year crops do not need any more enrichment. Many pepper seeds from other countries can remain dormant for many years. Unfortunately, those often have another bacteria that hinders germination.You could use a saline solution to crack the seeds and plant them after they have sprouted. I would use new manure to create a more fertile soil. I would use peat pots for the second stage with a sand and peat soil. The third stage will be planting pot and all in the garden. You could contact a soil specialist at your local agricultural university to find the latest experiments with soil bacteria.

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Question: 360-1610
I put my pants (hot peppers)outside and they turn white. The leaves fall off . I start with a good potting soil and tap water. i live in zone 5 NE NY .

Mort's Answer:
You cannot put the peppers out until May 30. You can plant leafy vegetables now. If you expect a frost, cover them for the nights.

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