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Question: 812-3512
My hostas have been severely pruned by the deer. Will they come back and can I divide them now? Gary, New London, CT

Mort's Answer:
Assuming that we are talking about the hostas and not the deer, you can split them now. It will be a lot easier with the natural pruning. They will come back and so will the deer, if you do not take measures to inhibit the latter.

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Question: 1156-3514
Our hosta plants have bloomed fantastically this year and the flowers that appear have now dropped off, leaving gangly stalks. Is it OK to remove the stalks without damaging the whole plant? Russ

Mort's Answer:
No problem. Many folks find that the lateral growth can be limited as well. I split my hostas in the spring but mostly in the fall. You can cut the entire plant to within an inch or two from the ground. Cutting just the flower stalks will leave the foliage, which can be quite beautiful.

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