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Horsetail Weed

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Question: 69-5201
I recently top dressed with loam and seed. We now have a lot of horsetail weeds How can I get rid of them? Shirley,Taylorville, IL

Mort's Answer:
I would continue to cut the lawn at an inch high and top dressing with more annual rye seed to help choke out the weeds. Keeping the height at one inch will prevent the horsetail from going to seed. Be sure to cart away the cuttings. Equiesetum arvense is very persistent. Your last cut of the year should be two inches . You may have to continue to top dress next spring, as well. Another method if to spray all the plants >with a target spray, like Round-Up or Finale. Be careful not to use this indiscriminately, these sprays will kill all they touch. They do not change to gold.

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