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Horse Manure

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Question: 1099-1014
Is it alright to use horse manure on veggies? Bill

Mort's Answer:
Manures should be wintered over before placing them in the garden. The piles will self sterilize. A frost will seal it and it will cook inside to destroy pathogens. Manures are graded by the digestive tracts. Animals higher on the evolutionary scale are generally best. Cows have a better product than chickens, for instance. Range chickens and horses have more weed seed seed than trough feed animals. Although manure has only 2% nitrogen, it acts as a catalyst for other elements in the soil. They are far better than synthetic fertilizers especially for roses and veggies.

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Question: 1272-816
I can get some horse manure from a farm nearby, When can I use it. Should I wait until April? Emma, Willimantic, CT

Mort's Answer:
If the manure has been aged, it can be applied in garden beds as soon as it is friable. It may be in its first winter. It is best left in a pile for the first winter because it will sterilize itself. A good freeze coats the heap and will start smoking as it cooks. Aged horse manure is great compared to chicken for instance. Larger animals have better digestive systems. If the barns are now being cleaned, you may have to wait until next spring for this fall to use it in the garden even if it is composted. It is worth the wait. Take it from me, I used to shovel it in my youth.

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