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Question: 203-5201
We tried making honeysuckle cuttings in water without success. Any suggestions? Sandy, Taylorville, IL

Mort's Answer:
Woody tissue is best started in sand. Take 8 inches off the ends of the branches. Remove the top two inches. With a razor knife remove all the leaves except the top two. You will need to build a sandbox that is 6 inches deep. I prefer a three sided box that I put up against the foundation preferably near the spigot. The cuttings can be dipped in a root hormone, auxin. The cuttings are put two inches apart and inserted into the coarse sand only two inches. Keep the cuttings slightly wet. These cuttings are best done in the spring before the plant throws out leaves. It can also be done indoors in the fall after the leaves have fallen. It usually takes a good three months before they root. The transplanting has to occur in the fall or spring. So you have to leave them in the sand for a full season.

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