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Honey Locust

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Question: 458-3510
Last year in August my golden locust trees were covered with worms. These worms dropped to the ground on a thread. How do I control these worms? Fred

Mort's Answer:
If your tree is very large, you will need an arborist to spray the caterpillars. They will eventually become moths and fly away. Those threads are part of the nest. Army worms are a striped caterpillar and are voracious eater of leaves. Gypsy moth is another prolific insect. You can spray with preventive oil spray in the early spring. Use a dormant or Neem oil before the leaves sprout as the buds swell. You can spray the moth nests with malathion and soap now. Follow directions on the label.

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Question: 627-4111
My Honey Locust is loaded with worms hanging from a silk. Will it kill the tree? Fred, Beckley, WV

Mort's Answer:
Gleditsia triacanthos can survive this year. You can spray with malathion now but you need to avoid next years infestation. Apply vaseline on the trunk in the early spring. You should also apply a dormant oil spray after defoliation. This will keep the worms from crawling up the tree next year.

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