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Question: 1100-1014
Can you recommend a hedge plant for us. We have a short growing season and its very cold? Wayne.

Mort's Answer:
You will see arborvitae growing in the fields in Canada. Cedar is another very hardy evergreen. Juniperus virginiana is grown everywhere and the most hardy cedar. It will grow to a hundred feet but more often to 40 feet. J. communes grows to about 12 feet but can go to 40 feet. Both cedars have a blue green color. J.communis hibernica has a dark green color and J. communes oblong-pendula has hanging branches. Thuja occidentals is the most popular arborvitae with its dense growth pattern. T.occidentalis douglasi pyramidalis has a narrower base than the T. occidentals nigra with its darker foliage. T. occidentals lutea aka George Peabody American arborvitae has a yellow leaf. T.plicata is the giant arborvitae that is grown for lumber in the west.

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