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Grass Clippings

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Question: 909-1213
Can I use grass clippings in my compost pile? Julie, Templeton, MA

Mort's Answer:
If you put herbicide on your lawn, the compost will not be as fertile as without it. I have seen instances, where lawn clippings produced sickly plants but have not killed the plants. Grass clippings, leaves and table scraps but no meat will enrich the composition. A good pile is three sided and you toss the bottom material to the top frequently.

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Question: 455-3510
We have many spruce,pine and olive on our property. I have been mulching with grass clippings for years. My wife suggested that I contact you. Is this harmful? Bud, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
If you use herbicide in the lawn, it could be harmful to shallow rooted trees like small leaf maple. Clippings provide fertilizer and moisture to the roots. It also eliminates the need for constant weeding. If you notice the pine woods, you will see much mulch on the floor of the groves. Your wife is wise to check. She wants to catch it in the Bud.

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