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Question: 1332-2016
How do I start a grapevine? Roger, Groton, CT

Mort's Answer:
We are fortunate in New England to have Concord grapes growing wild along the roadsides and in some wooded areas. You can take terminal shoots of eight inches with permission, of course. You can use a wood box but not cardboard that is six inches deep. Fill the box with coarse sand not beach sand and place it near the spigot. Cut the top two inches off the shoot and remove all but two leaves or buds at the new top. Bottoms of the cuttings should be cut at an acute angle. The more acute the better. Place the bottom of the cuttings two inches into the sand about two or three inches apart. Water thoroughly the first day and mist every day after until rooting. If this is untimely or you want other grapes, you can find them in catalogues. Erect a fence that has a wire at three feet tall and another at six feet. Trim the grapes to fit this trellis and tie the growth to the wires.

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