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Question: 190-5201
How do you regenerate seedless grapes? Charles, East Lyme, CT

Mort's Answer:
Cuttings can be made from the mother plant. They are then grafted on hardy stock like the Concord grape. New seedless grapes are hybridized with selected parents to produce the seedless originals. Later generations are more easily grown from cuttings and grafts.

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Question: 544-2011
We started some Grapes last year and were told not to use Bordeaux Mix on Concord grapes, because they might develop rust. We are not sure, if they are Concord.  We already have a lot of grapes on the vines.  Dave, Peachville, KY

Mort's Answer:
Bordeaux Mix should be used before bud swell. In medieval times Bordeaux was a plaster that was applied to the leaves to make them yellow. This discouraged the knaves from stealing the fruit. Growers soon discovered the advantages of Bordeaux as an insecticide and fungicide for grapes. If you cut the dosage by half, you might be surprised at the results. Concord are very hardy and prolific grapes and are now used as root stock on many California grapes.

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