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Grape Vines

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Question: 1346-416
When is the best time to prune grape vines? Bill, Ledyard, CT

Mort's Answer:
When the plant is dormant is the best. The dead of winter is better for the grape but not necessarily for you. I got that from the grape vine.

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Question: 814-3612
I have two concord grape vines that are about 4 years old.They are planted about 20 ft away from pine trees. Every year I cut them back and the following year they have plenty of new growth. But when the fruit comes on they get this dark spot on them and they shrivel up to nothing like a raisin. This has happened every year. I have put fungicides on them and watered them and nothing seems to work. They are planted in a clay soil and the plants always look healthy. Howard

Mort's Answer:
If use the Kniffen system for pruning, the best grapes will be at the ends of the four branches. Two branches are at three feet high and the other two are at six feet high. Concord grape matures rather easily as evidenced by road side fruit in New England. It is also used as root stock in many California grapes. Long mild summers with cool fall nights are the best weather for grapes. I would back off fertilizer next year. Leave the watering to mother nature unless you are in the southwestern US.

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