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I inherited a gloxinia from my mom. It is now 50 years old. It is in a ten inch pot and is getting root bound.I feed it with a special fertilizer made from flower petals. I am concerned that the soil is too caked. It is still in dormancy and I would like to repot it. I do put it outdoors when the temps reach 50 in a shady spot in the garden. Can you give me any advice? June, Willamantic, CT

Mort's Answer:
First of all, I think you could give us all advice. While it is still dormant, you could get a larger 12 inch pot. If you cannot find a 12" clay pot and saucer, get a deeper one. Put an inch of coarse sand at the bottom. Place two boards parallel across the top of the pot after you have tipped it upside down. Tap the edges of the pot until it has dropped to the boards. With the help of a trusted friend, place the intact root into the new pot. Fill the sides with soil that is a third fine sand and good sterile potting soil. I would not be worried about the caked soil. They do fine in fine soil. As you already know, cool temps around 50 will extend the flowering indoors and out.

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