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Question: 817-3612
My gladiolus bulbs are getting smaller each year. The plants always fall over. What Can I do? Rodney, Norwich , CT

Mort's Answer:
Leave the bulbs a little longer each fall before storing them for the winter. Throw out any bulbs that have mapping or black or brown spots. Your soil in Norwich is very clayey with a shallow water table. Condition the soil with humus. Put a half inch of coarse sand at the bottom of the holes in the spring. Place some bonemeal at the top of the soil after planting.

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Question: 1196-4614
We have already had a frost. Can I still dig up my gladioli now? Mike, Winchendon, MA

Mort's Answer:
Frost has not been that deep and impenetrable yet. Dig them up and sun dry them for a day or two. Remove all soil and cut the leaves off the top and the roots under the corm. Store them in a cool dry place. when corms are completely dried. They can be stored in dry new sawdust, peat or kitty litter. It should be between 35-50 degrees and not too dry. Replant them next spring in good soil about 3-6 inches deep.

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