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My gingko tree has been putting out sprouts at the base. Can I use them to make other trees? Emily, South Chicago, IL

Mort's Answer:
This tree can get 50 to 80 feet tall. New transplants will need plenty of room to grow. The best time to cut the shoots is in the fall or early spring. You could try one or two now but it is chancy. Cut the stem of the shoot about four inches in each direction below the soil. These roots are very shallow and easy to locate. A root hormone, auxin, can be applied to help make the move more successful. Make a small hole that is six inches deep and fill with good loam. Do not use any fertilizer. This species has been around for 270 million years and is very hardy besides being beautiful. Your backup plan can be to replace the trial ballon with another shoot. Try to capture some root when you select your candidate. This is good advice for selecting politicians as well.

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