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Fungus Gnats

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Question: 122-5201
We have tiny little black bugs flying around our ivy houseplants. How can we get rid of them? Lisa, Seekonk, MA

Mort's Answer:
Fungus gnats are a frequent winter pest. On a day that is over 45, you can take the plant outdoors and spray with malathion. Also spray the soil underneath. Turn the soil over under the plant every two or three weeks to disrupt the nest. Follow directions on the label and repeat in a couple of weeks.

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Question: 1079-413
I have pomegranate and banana plants that brave acquired fungus gnats. Can I change the soil and what soil should I use? Katie, Marquette, MI

Mort's Answer:
You need a good soil mix that is a third coarse sand to provide good drainage. You will also have to use clay pots. Clay pots give the soil a chance to breathe. Roots need oxygen and water. Be sure to scrape off the top layer of soil and put it outdoors to dry out. New pots should be two inches larger than the present ones.

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