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Flowering Plum

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Question: 134-5201
There has been a black dust on my Flowering Plum. Should I remove the affected branches? Pat, Westerly, RI

Mort's Answer:
Rusts will move their host for the winter. This fungus will appear on pine or cedar in the spring. It can be a red spike of spores on the junipers. It will suddenly appear usually after a warm rain in late spring. Cut it off as soon as it appears. The plum and the junipers and pines will have to be sprayed. Junipers or cedars and pines should be sprayed with Bordeaux mix or a lime sulphur fungicide in early spring. The flowering plums, crabs, currants and gooseberries should be sprayed in late spring. Follow directions on the label. If the plum does not have woody knobs or cankers, it is not necessary to cut off the branches. The fallen leaves should be collected and carted off to the dump.

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