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Flowering Crab Apple

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Question: 92-5201
We have a Flowering Crab Apple that is five years with a three to four inch stem. There are some holes in the bark. What can we do to eliminate this? Jim, Wakefield, RI

Mort's Answer:
Earwigs are quite common pests that eat their way into the inner bark of trees. You will need to cut a incision into the bark to carve them out. If they girdle the inner bark, they will eventually kill the tree. This tree surgery can be performed by an arborist or you can make the necessary cut yourself. With a sharp razor knife or linoleum knife make a leave shaped incision that encompasses the entire affected area. Cut out all the brown wood and scrape as deep into the white wood as needed. There must a continuous line from the top of the leave shape to the bottom and back to the top again. If there are no ants around, you probably have rescued the tree. Ants feed on the earwig eggs. Dab the hole with malathion and cover with a tree wax. This will help seal the wound and keep the earwigs from barking up the wrong tree.

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