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Fire Bush

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Question: 1077-313
Can I cut back fire bush this spring and how much? It is growing over the front windows. Jean, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Euonymus alatus and E. americana can be cut in the early spring before they sprout and are usually mistaken for burning bush. They have a small insignificant green yellow flower. You can cut them down to a foot from the ground if need be. You might consider moving the plant at that time. It would be much easier when cut back. Fire bush grow 6-8 feet ultimately and just as wide. Kochia scoparia is well know in the south as fire bush or burning bush. It is an annual in the north.

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Question: 1078-413
I have three fire bush side by side that are growing over the front window. When can I cut them back? Jean, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Fire bush grow to about 8-10 feet tall and as wide. You can cut them back after they have sprouted. This will allow you to venture an oval shape or a more flatter arc. Because you need to top them off, this means that they are also growing into each other. I would suggest that you consider cutting them down to a foot from the ground and removing one or two from the cluster. You may be wise to just leave the center one. Of course you will not need to cut that one severely. This hacking will make the removal easier. If you want to transplant the chopped ones, it needs to be done before they sprout in the spring.

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Question: 1250-1715
How far back can I cut my fire bush now? It is about five feet and under the picture window. Francis, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Euonymus americana and E. alatus bloom before the leaves are out with an inconspicuous yellow flower. If you want to sacrifice the enjoyment of the bloom, you can cut it back six inches now. Everyone enjoys the fire bushes in the fall when the red foliage is spectacular. The allusion is to Moses when he talked to God behind the burning bush. (not about pruning).

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