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Easter Lily

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Question: 930-1813
What can I do with my Easter lily now that it is spent? Mary, Ashbury, WV

Mort's Answer:
It can be planted outdoors after May 15, which is the last average frost date for zone 6. I know it can get cold at night depending what side of the mountains that you are on. If you plant it earlier than the 15th be sure to have a cover for it when the temps will go below 32. You can keep it barely alive for now with little water and no fertilizer or you can dry it out and store just the bulb until the 15th. This is more art than science. If you see a warming trend you can go earlier. If not, you can hold off until later. Whether you are early or not, it's required that you cut back the stem now to about four inches from the root.

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