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Question: 562-2511
We have dandelions on over an acre of lawn. How best do we get rid of them? Jean, Stonington, CT

Mort's Answer:
It's not a good idea to use target sprays on such a large area. Target sprays like Round-Up, Clean-Up and Finale will kill everything that it touches. You might consider letting them grow. If you can mow frequently, you keep them from seeding themselves. My Uncle Herb would be glad to come over and pick the dandelions for his salad and wine. There are broadleaf herbicides that are very effective that come in combination with fertilizers. Team and Gallery can be purchased as separate herbicides. Follow directions on the package.

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Question: 732-1612
I would like to grow dandelions. They have a lot of beneficial elements for health. There are some in my lawn. I was thinking of raised beds. Any suggestions? John, Austin, TX

Mort's Answer:
You can cultivate the plants that are in your lawn. Simply, you can allow the dandelions to go to seed and they will reseed themselves in those bare spots in the lawn. My dandelions have maintained a low profile under the mower, which is set at three inches. You could also pick the dandelions and sun dry the seeds. Sow the seeds in a fertile raised bed. Lots of manure will mix well with your native soil. Raised beds will facilitate a good harvest.

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