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Question: 1082-514
I had excellent results with my dahlias this past year. I have them in a brown paper bang in storage. What do I do this spring? Dottie, Griswold , CT

Mort's Answer:
If you had left them out through the first frost before drying them for storage, you would have enhanced their vitality. They will need warm soil around 65 degrees for planting this year. A hole should be four inches below the tuberous roots. They can and should be split into smaller tubers for best results. Like potatoes, they will need to be free of brown spots and any signs of rot. A simple dusting of lime sulphur or fungicide will help. Use all good soil. Because the soil table is high in southeast Connecticut, you should put two inches of coarse sand at the bottom of the holes for better drainage. You can put some bonemeal on top of the soil after the tubers are covered.

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