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I have too many plants that I could bring indoors now. Can I make cuttings of my coleus and begonias? Can I leave my Flowering Maple outdoors this year? Jean, Willimantic, CT

Mort's Answer:
Abutilon hybridum has been upgraded in recent years to hardy for zone 6. It still needs protection from the north wind, Cut it back by a third. This will strengthen the stems. Wrap a burlap around the plants for the winter. Coleus cuttings can be rooted in coarse sand in styrofoam cups. Mist the four inch cuttings every day. Begonias are best regenerated by leaf cuttings. Lay healthy leaves on a bed of sand and place a wee bit of sand on top of the leaves. Roots will sprout from the veins. Mist them as you would the coleus very day.

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