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Cut Worms

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Question: 417-3410
When I turn my soil over, I see a lot of Cut Worms . How can I get rid of them? Dave Uncasville, CT.

Mort's Answer:
You can use rotenone before they appear or Sevin after they show their snouts. Follow directions on the label.

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Question: 778-2712
My vegetable garden seems to be invaded with cut worms. My potato plants died last year below the soil line and this year I've lost one plant again to the same thing. Would making a circle around the root and putting in diatomaceous soil save my plants? I'm desperate. Dale

Mort's Answer:
It is too late to spray vegetables at the point. When you plant next year or this fall, you can cover new ground with rotenone. It is good to use mechanical methods like diatomaceous earth around the rims of protectors. You can arrange individual rims of styrofoam cups or tuna cans as barriers for the worms and caterpillars. Rotating crops is very good and using organic compounds like pyrethrin an rotenone work well. No chemical organic or otherwise should be applied within 30 days of harvest.

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