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Crepe Myrtle Hemlock

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What kind of fertilizer can I use on my Crepe Myrtle? They are about six feet tall. I also have had problems with insufficient control on my hemlocks using insecticidal soap for woolly aphids. Ed, Basra, CT

Mort's Answer:
Flowering trees need phosphorus to produce good blooms. Lagerstroemia indica can be pruned to be a bush or tree at this stage. A handful of 5-10-10 spread around each plant and raked into the soil will add needed nutrient. Woolly aphids emit a protective wax and insecticidal soaps cannot penetrate to kill the insects. Acephate is a systemic chemical that will rid the hemlock of the aphid. This is usually injected by professionals. You could add malathion to the soap for an external remedy. Follow directions on the labels.

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