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Question: 677-212
I have some property in NH. I wold like to start a cranberry bog. Should I start from seeds? Steve, Gardener, MA

Mort's Answer:
It would be better to begin with cuttings. Wild cranberry would be hardy but I would find an established bog and ask for permission to make cuttings. You need to take eight inch terminal shoots. Cut off the upper two inches. The bottom should be at an acute angle to expose he most cambium. Place the cuttings in a six inch deep box filled with coarse sand. Cuttings should be misted every day. Your bog is best built on a clay base with a foot of good organic material, preferably peat on the top. Trenches should be built at regular intervals to flood the bog for harvesting. I would also suggest a poly greenhouse, if you intend to go into a commercial endeavor.

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