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Question: 384-3410
We had a lot of rain last year and the wind blew down some of my corn . Any suggestions? Paul, Silverdale, WA

Mort's Answer:
Farmers in the mid west no longer plant in rows. You might consider planting the corn in six foot beds. This will give you three feet on each side to pick the harvest.

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Question: 682-312
I have had little success growing corn in pots from seed indoors. They seem to rot before I can put them outdoors. Andrew, Long Beach,NY

Mort's Answer:
You could plant corn outdoors directly into mounds with three to four seeds in ear mound. Most problems occur indoors, when too much water is used. Start the seeds in four inch peat pots with three seeds per pot. A mix of sterile potting soil with a third sand is best with a thin layer of sand at the top. Mist the seeds every day. Do not let the water puddle. When the plants are six inches, you can add a little liquid fertilizer to every other watering. Start the seeds indoors around mid March for planting outdoors in May.

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Question: 1411-617
Last year all my corn was gnarly and seemed like a cancer. What can I do this year to avoid it? Adam, Edina, MN

Mort's Answer:
I would suggest trying tomatoes and peppers and other veggies with a shorter growing season. Besides the variable weather in Minnesota, which promotes irregular growth, it gets too cold too early to get good corn in zone 4. There are varieties that can mature in two months but you still have to deal with color weather at night. Root vegetables and leafy veggies like cabbage are excellent candidates for your garden.

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