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Question: 912-1413
I have a few organic garden beds in my backyard and am trying to use the space better this year. I have heard basil and tomatoes are great to grow together. My question is what are your favorite companion vegetables to grow with each other? Matthew, Cincinnati, OH

Mort's Answer:
American Indians taught the colonists to plant corn, squash and peas together to use space efficiently. Corn may take up too much space when planted alone. Herbs do not require much space. I like radishes because they mature in 30 days from seeding. That means that they can be replaced with other hot weather veggies like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Leafy vegetables can be planted before the last frost and can be replaced in mid-summer. You can plant a second crop of leafy vegetables in the late summer for fall and winter picking. Vine types like squash, pumpkins and melons will require too much space.

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